My name is Eddie Abbew. I am qualified nurse, a celebrity personal trainer and a professional bodybuilder. Until my retirement from bodybuilding last year, I was the British number one bodybuilder for four years.

In order for me to reach that level in bodybuilding, I have had to train quite heavy and often sustained injuries as a result. I had spent years consulting with different sports therapist, chiropractors and osteopaths without much joy until I met Amber Hadert.

I first saw Amber about 7 years ago when she started working in the gym I was then training in. I needed deep tissue massage in preparation for a bodybuilding competition I was about to enter in New York. I had also incurred an injury on my forearm that needed treatment.
I was so impressed with my treatment with Amber that I started seeing her regularly. I still see Amber for treatment to date and refer my clients to her. One such client was Jodie Marsh. Amber treated Jodie using The Bowen technique upon my recommendation.

Apart from the weekly deep tissue massages, Amber has also treated me for numerous injuries that I care to remember, over the years. I consider Amber to be one of the best in her field and I will always recommend her with confidence.

Eddie Abbew IFBB Pro bodybuilder. British Champion, Mr Olympia competitor



I started having sports massage from Amber when I was about 6 weeks away from my fitness model competition. I was training intensely and my diet was severe. Due to this I found my recovery was slow and often painful. It was a friend of mine who suggested to try sports massage and specifically try Amber.

After the first session I could already feel the benefits. My recovery was much faster and I noticed I was training better than before.

Sports massage is now regularly part of my routine in order to carry on training at the level I do!

Maximus Thomas - Fitness Model



I have been seeing Amber on and off over the past 6 years . As a professional athlete it is essential that I see somebody to keep my body in order for the physical strain I take in the gym .

I have several injuries / strains through my career and from a car accident. Amber has always managed to solve the problem and literally ' fix ' me as required
I recommend her to all of my clients , she is very professional and understanding ( even when I'm falling asleep on her couch ! )

Thank you !

Carmen Knights, IFBB Pro Athlete, UKBFF Bodyfitness Champion