The Bowen Technique


The Bowen Technique is a holistic approach to treatment, although we do not diagnose or claim to treat any particular condition. Bowen technique can be performed over light clothing and involves a series of gentle rolling movements over specific points of the body. These movements are over fascia, soft tissue and tendons. It has been shown that a shift occurs in the body 90 seconds after a Bowen move has been made.

Between the sets of movements are important breaks to enable the body to process and respond to the treatment. The idea is that we are encouraging the body to make changes to restore alignment, bring back correct balance to the body and to promote healing. Due to the understanding that the body is interconnected, so pain for example in the neck, maybe caused by a problem in the back, we treat the complete body rather than a specific condition.

It is a great emotional release too, helping with stress management, fatigue, sleep problems and anxiety, aiding your mental outlook.