I first met Amber when she gave me a spots massage. I mentioned to her that I had suffered from migraines since childhood and she suggested I try Bowen treatment. I started going to weekly sessions with Amber and felt an immediate improvement. After just 6 sessions, my headaches have reduced by 60 %. I now only need to go for the occasional 'top up' session.

My 8 year old daughter now goes for regular sessions with Amber and finds the treatment she receives really beneficial to her lung condition. Paula

COPD & Arthritis

I have had COPD for many years. I have had one chest infection after another and was always on anti-biotics. This past year I've been having Bowen therapy and since the treatment started, I've had very few antibiotics, a freer chest and it isn't so painful. I also have arthritic knees, these have also responded well to Bowen. It hasn't cured them but oh the relief, bliss! It's worth a try! Lillian

Back Problems -Hay Fever

After many years of suffering with a bad back and trying different treatments such as osteopathy, sports massage and physiotherapy, I decided to try the Bowen Technique after Amber suggested the treatment. Initially skeptical, I gave it a go and have to say of all the treatments I have tried, this one seemed to have the biggest effect not only on my back issues but also on my Hay fever. I have suffered with hay fever all year long for the last 10 years and even with taking antihistamines I will still sneeze all the time. Since the Bowen Technique I hardly sneeze at all which is amazing. In summary my back is pain free, my whole body feels more in line and my hay fever is minimal and any future treatments will always be the Bowen Technique. Thank you Amber. Wayne

I have suffered ongoing lower-back pain for years as a result of a series of sports injuries. Heavy equipment that I have to wear and carry at work had only compounded this and the pain was getting to a point where I was starting to struggle with everyday tasks. I had been receiving treatment in the form of deep tissue massage for while, but this only helped for a day or two at a time and was far from a long-term remedy. I then stumbled across the Bowen Technique through Amber and 3 treatments, and some humorous side-effects later, and I'm pain free and playing contact sports again. Justin


I have scoliosis of the spine and suffered with really bad sciatica in my left leg for years. The pain was from the top of the leg all the way to the bottom, with really bad pain in my left hip. In the mornings the pain was so bad, I had trouble walking. After 3 Bowen treatments from Amber, I am no longer in pain in the mornings and am able to get on with my day pain free. Richard

Injury Prevention for Sports People

SPRINTER - I had 3 Bowen treatments. It loosened and relaxed my muscles, which improved my performance on the athletics track. I found I was able to get my muscles warmed up and ready for action much quicker after my series of treatments. It also aided me in injury prevention. I would recommend the treatment for social and competitive sports people. David

BODY BUILDER- 'A body builder is only interested in pushing more weight and getting bigger'. Whilst used to pain it is not always easy to say what the problem is, so we turn to Amber for help. My experience is that Amber has a real skill at sorting the problem with a no nonsense approach and is able to fix it. This time it was suggested to me to try the Bowen Technique to reassemble my abused body.

Visit 1- A very light and sensitive approach to a hands on initial repair to legs, back and shoulders which could be described as a small pressure followed by slight manipulation. Not very invasive, but a noticeable difference in my ability to walk and a feeling that my muscles had been toned and tightened. All improvements. It was also strange that although non-invasive and not painful, it left me quite 'heady'.

Visit 2- Similar to the first treatment but work to my hamstrings resulted in more improvement to my legs. The work to my shoulders has again improved me and when I now do the flat bench press, it is much better.

Visit 3- Again better movement, feel posture is better.

This is one of the best therapies I have tried. Nick