What can the Bowen Technique treat?

Although we do not treat specific conditions, many conditions/problems have shown favorable results with the Bowen Technique. Please note: The Bowen Technique is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. If in doubt please consult your own Doctor.

To name but a few, Bowen therapy has been able to assist with the following:

• Back & neck pain
• Sciatica
• Frozen shoulder
• Tennis elbow
• Sports Injuries-chronic & acute
• Tilted/rotated pelvis/leg length discrepancies
• Joint pain/muscle spasm
• Hamstring strain
• Pain management
• Acute & chronic fatigue
• Respiratory problems eg Asthma, COPD
• Hayfever/allergies/rhinitis
• Sinus problems
• Digestive problems
• Strokes
• Whiplash
• Infant colic
• P.M.T
• Headaches/migranes
• Stress & tension based problems
• Postural problems
• General relaxation & body balancing